Mobile casino tricks: strategy with guaranteed profit discovered?

I dared to do an experiment this week and it was a great success. Did I find a trick or strategy for Mobile casinos that could make you long-term profits? Or was everything just luck and coincidence?

First of all I would like to apologize for the provocative title and teaser text. Anyone who knows Mobile  knows that we don’t believe in propagating alleged casino tricks. There is no guarantee of winnings with mobile  gamblingwith live roulette anyway and anyone who promises this can basically always be called a scam.

However, I had an experience this week, which, however, makes me suspect that with a certain style of play you can possibly significantly increase your chances of winning or at least drastically increase your fun and the average playing time. In order to find out whether this experience could be an extraordinary streak of luck or a good strategy, we need feedback from experimental players in our community.

What happened?

On 05.05.2018 I played with a friend on mobile video slots . Each of us deposited € 250, so that a total of € 500 was available for gaming. We played half of this € 500 in a relatively short time with 50 cents and € 1 per spin without getting free spins. To see free spins at least once, we decided to play two slots at the same time. However, this did not lead to the hoped-for free spins, but only to the fact that the money was consumed even faster.

Since I hardly played this year, I decided to spend another € 250 during the night and then stop playing. Since I wanted to see free spins at least once, I played four slot games at the same time. I played the following games: Pink Elephants, Book of Ra, Moon Princess and Danger High Voltage.

I started playing these four slots at 50 cents and was able to slowly raise myself to € 2,000 over a period of several hours, of which I had € 1,500 paid out. The video can be found here: 4 slots played simultaneously in video slots (video)

I didn’t think much of it, but I wanted to try again. This time I deposited € 500 and started playing the virtual slots with € 1 per spin. This time, too, I was successful and played my way up to almost € 8,000, of which I had € 5,000 paid out.