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Bonus under the microscope: What is the benefit of the loyalty program at the Shoponmobile Casino?

In many online casinos there are loyalty programs where you can convert points or coins into bonuses or free spins. Thanks to a high roller session with Matthias, nearly 2,000 loyalty coins had accumulated in my account. I have purchased various bonuses in the shop and wanted to see what they can bring to profit, and if you get the bonus amount implemented at the end.

Some time ago, Matthias had a high roller session on my account to get a progressive win on Ozwin’s jackpot. By depositing 1,500 € and the corresponding dedication, I could look forward to an increase in the Treueevels and the receipt of many coins. From those I have used various money and free play bonuses and once listed, what they have brought.

The shop on mobile and the purchased bonuses in the overview

I have looked at the actions in the shop and have decided in addition to free games especially for spin credit for free use. In the following table you can see what the free spins have earned me:

I was really lucky only on Book of Dead when I got free spins with “K” in the 6th spin. 6,45 € came here on 10 cents use together – not bad, but not great. With the Slot Razortooth one could secure the free plays. A profit of 5.49 € was so possible. After all, Wonky Wabbit had a profit of € 8.10 with the € 10 spin credit.

Overall, I have therefore received € 23.31, which then had to be implemented as bonus money 40 times. Depending on. € 932.40 I would have to use for the payment of all bonuses at the slots. An ambitious goal, but who does not dare, who does not win. The bonus sales showed that each of the individual bonuses must be implemented. I started with the turnover of 6,55 € (from the book of dead profit). Overall, I would have to play with 262 €, so that a payout is possible.